What is PayPal?

PayPal is a credit card payment service that M8Tools.com uses to facilitate the online purchase of our software.

We use PayPal because we are a small business and we don't yet do the volume of business needed to justify the expense of credit card merchant account.

There is no extra charge for you to pay via the PayPal service, we pay PayPal a percentage of the total sale for every transaction they handle for us.

When using the PayPal service, you are creating an online account with them for this purchase and any future purchase you might make to any other business that accepts the PayPal service, not just M8Tools.com.

To setup an account you simply enter an email address, password, credit card information, billing address and security information, for a sample view of sign up page, pick the following image.

paypal-payment.jpg (121562 bytes)

PayPal service got its start with online auction sites like Ebay.com, millions of people use it each day to pay for goods and services world wide and this service is growing daily with well over 179 million members.


Who is PayPal?

Click here to view the PayPal information page.


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